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Hassan ben Abdullah ben Hassan AL-ASHAIKH

minister , President

Hassan ben Abdullah ben Hassan AL-ASHAIKH, Minister of Higher Education; Supreme President of Saudi Universities. King Abdulaziz Order of Merit; Datu Order of Merit (Republic of Philippines); Honorary Ph.D. degree (Education), Mindanao State University, Philippines 1975; Honorary Ph.D. degree, Soochow University, Republic of China 1975.


AL-ASHAIKH, Hassan ben Abdullah ben Hassan was born in 1934 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Arabic Language and Islamic Studies), Faculty of Islamic Law (Sharia), Mecca.


Member of the Judiciary Presidium, Western Region 1956-1960. Vice-President of the Judiciary 1960-1962. Minister of Education 1962.

Minister of Education and Health 1962. Chairman of National UNESCO Committee 1962, Supreme Council for the Promotion of Science, Letters and Arts 1962, Saudi Boy Scouts Society 1962. Vice-Chairman of Supreme Committee on Education Policy 1964, Supreme Council of Universities.

Chairman of Supreme Committee on Anti-illiteracy and Adult Education. President of Supreme Council for Antiquities 1972, Supreme Council of King Abdulaziz’s Archives (Daratu Al Malik Abdulaziz) 1971. Chairman of Supreme Committee for Islamic Orientation.

President of International Symposium of Muslim Youth. Honorary Consultant to International Universities Council. Attended Ministers of Education Conference, Baghdad, International Conference on Antiilliteracy, Teheran, Ministers of Education and Planning Conference, Libya, Conference of the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Baghdad, several conferences in Saudi Arabia.

Minister of Higher Education. Supreme President of Saudi Universities.


  • Dawrona Fil Kifah (Our Rate in Struggle). Khawatir Juziyyah (Fragmentary Memories). Karamatul Fardi Fil Islam (Individual Prestige in Islam), published in both English and Arabic.

    Al Mar'ah. Maza Fa'al Biha Al Islam (Woman. What has Islam Offered Her?).

    Regular contributions to the press.


The ultimate value of any action is based on intention and sincerity.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, writing.