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Hassan Mohamad BAJODA

supervisor , king

Hassan Mohamad BAJODA, Supervisor of Arabic Postgraduate Studies, King Abdulaziz University. 1973-1974 King Abdulaziz University Award for Research and Services to the Islamic Literary Heritage.


BAJODA, Hassan Mohamad was born in 1940 in Taif, Saudi Arabia.


Doctor of Philosophy (Arabic Language).


Lecturer in Arabic; Head of the Arabic Department, King Abdulaziz University 1968-1973. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Sharia (Islamic Law) 1970-1973. Participated in the Saudi Men of Letters Conference and the Role of the University Conferences in Saudi Arabia and in Beirut 1970.

Supervisor of Arabic Postgraduate Studies, King Abdulaziz University.


  • Authentic editions of the collected works of Abdullah ben Ruwaha and Ben Kaysi Sayfi ben A1 aslat. Meditations Around the Tassin Verses in the Koran. The Objective Unity of the Tussuf Verses in the Koran.

    In manuscript, an authentic edition of the collected works of Umayma ben A1 Hallaj A1 Awsi A1 Jahili. A meditative study of the Miryam verses in the Koran. Meditations on the Israa’ (ascent) verses in the Koran.

    The Role of the University in Preserving the Islamic Heritage.


Human intellect and knowledge should be promoted. Everything that corrupts or weakens it, such as alcohol and drugs, should be forbidden. Koran imposed preventative punishments in order that people stay away from them, because a sound intellect is the basis of the moral responsibility that humans were given.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, swimming.