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Heide-Dörte Matthes

agriculturist , educator , researcher

Heide-Dörte Matthes, German agriculturist, researcher, educator.


Matthes, Heide-Dörte was born on January 15, 1939 in Dessau, Germany. Daughter of Karl Ferdinand and Gertrud (Kapol) Bückmann.


Diploma in agriculture, University Rostock, Germany, 1963. Doctor of Agriculture, Berlin Academy, 1972. Doctor of Science, University Rostock, 1986.


2d chairman Farm Organization, Lambrechshagen, Germany, 1963-1969. Scientist Research Center of Animal Production, Dummerstorf, Germany, 1969-1992, Research Institute of Animal Breeding, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, since 1992, Research Institute for Biology of Farm Animals, Dummerstorf, since 1992. Lecturer University Rostock, since 1993, University Greifswald, since 1998, Aleppo, Syria, 1999.

Scientist University Budapest, 1989. Chairman Organization of Ecological Agriculture-Biopark, Germany, since 1991, director organization of commercial ecological products, Bioparkmarket, since 1993. Board directors Foundation for Environment, 1994.

Member advisory board Ministry of Environmental, Germany, 1992-1994. Professor University Rostock, since 1999.


  • Editor: Lenzener Gespräche, since 1992, Schriftenreihe Biopark, since 1996, Regulation of Metabolism, since 1994, Cattle and Sheep Breeding Ecology, since 1991, Organic Agriculture, since 1991, Landscape Care, since 1992, Meat Quality and Extensification, since 1993, Animal Health and Welfare, 1994, Health Value of Animal Products, since 1994.


Married Joachim Matthes, De. 1, 1961; children: Dörte, Karl, Hinrich, Hilke.

Karl Ferdinand Bückmann

Gertrud (Kapol) Bückmann

Joachim Matthes

Dörte Matthes

Karl Matthes

Hinrich Matthes

Hilke Matthes