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Henry Wilson Battle


Henry Wilson Battle, American clergyman. Mason (K.T.).; Member S.A.R.


Battle, Henry Wilson was born on July 19, 1857 in Tuskegee, Alabama, United States. Son of General Cullen A. and Georgia (Williams) Battle.


Nephew of Archibald J.B., Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Laws. Educated Pinckard’s Academy and Park’s High School, Tuskegee, and Mercer U., Macon, Georgia. Doctor of Divinity, Wake Forest College.

By special act of Alabama Legislature was admitted to bar before age of 20. Practiced law at Eufaula 3 years. Graduate in special studies, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1880.


Review J.L. Stewart, of Clinton, North Carolina, June 11, 1889. Children—John S., Henry W., Florence B., Mistress Emily Wood, James M., Hawthorne. ordained Baptist ministry, 1880. Pastor First Church, Columbus, Mississippi, 3 years, where entertained Southern Baptist Convention, health being impaired by malaria, occupied smaller fields until pastor First Church, Petersburg, Virginia, 1892-1903, First Church, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1903-1907 (handsome church edifice erected during this period), First Church, Kinston, North Carolina, 1907-1909, High St. Church, Charlottesville, 1909-1925, later Leesburg, Florida, retired.

Now serves chs. during critical ad interim periods. Preacher Southern Baptist Convention, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1908. President Baptist S.S. and Bible Board of Virginia, etc.

Has delivered many addresses, special sermons, etc., in leading cities of the North and South, and conducted evangelistic meetings with great success in Boston, Richmond, Charlotte, etc. Represented the South on program of Buffalo Convention, B.Y.P.U., and at 25th anniversary of Chautauqua Assembly, New York. Founders’ Day orator, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

Commencement orator for many colleges universities. Reunion orator” at reunion of United Confederate Veterans, Richmond, Virginia, June 1915—the only other son” thus honored up to that time being Colonel Robert E. Lee, grandson of General R. E. Lee. Preached memorial service in honor of President McKinley, Brooklyn, 1901, President Harding, Baltimore, 1923.

Delivered address, by invitation, before North Carolina Senate which broke the opposition and inaugurated campaign of state-wide prohibition. Has made many public appeals in behalf University of Virginia and local interests. Has published many sermons and literature and religious articles.

Many times chaplain-in-chief Sons Conference Veterans.


Mason (K.T.).; Member S.A.R. Clubs: Redland, Kiwanis. Guest for life” of Monticello National Shrine.


Married Margaret, d. Children: John S., Henry W., Florence B., Mistress Emily Wood, James M., Hawthorne.

General Cullen A. Battle

Georgia (Williams) Battle


John S. Battle

Henry W. Battle

Florence B. Battle

Mistress Emily Wood Battle

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