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Henry Ludwell MOORE


Henry Ludwell MOORE, economist.


MOORE, Henry Ludwell was born in 1869 in Chales County, Maryland, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts, Ralph-Macon College, 1982. Doctor of Philosophy Johns Hopkins University, 1896.


A pioneer of econometrics who produced quantitative estimates of elasticities of demand and supply of productivity changes, of cost curves and the determinants of wage rates. After his early work on wages, he turned to the search for a fundamental explanation of economic fluctuations. His explanation was that 8-year cycles of rainfall governed cycles of the whole economy.

Later attempts to relate cycles to the transits of Venus failed by his own admission. His final book was an attempt to devise a research programme to estimate Walras’ equations of general equilibrium. Professor, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1896-1902, Columbia University, 1902-1929.