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artist , educator

Herb Jackson, American Artist, educator. Fellow Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art Southeastern Seven, 1981, North Carolina Visual Arts, 1984, National Endowment for Arts and Southern Arts Federation, 1986. Member College Art Association, Southern Graphics Council, Charlotte Artists Coalition (director 1980-1981), Mecklenberg-Charlotte Arts and Science Council (director 1977-1979), Southeastern College Art Conference.


Jackson, Herb was born on August 16, 1945 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. Son of Walter H. and Virginia (Rogers) Jackson.


He received his undergraduate degree in German from Davidson College in 1967 (art was not offered as a major yet) and studied abroad at Philipps University in Marburg, Germany for a year.


In 1999 he was awarded the North Carolina Award, the highest civilian honor in the state, by Governor Jim Hunt of North Carolina. Three years later he earned his master's degree in fine arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1970. In 1969, while finishing up his graduate studies, Jackson began teaching at Davidson.

In 1982 he became the Chair of the department, a position which he held until he retired in 2011. Jackson has had more than 100 single-artist exhibitions in several countries, including England, Portugal, and Peru. Some of Jackson's work was chosen to be included in the first exhibition of contemporary American art to be presented in the former USSR. Jackson's work is now in more than 80 collections including the British Museum in London and the Brooklyn Museum in New York City.

Jackson is married with two sons. Jackson's art is almost entirely abstract and non-representational. He is most known for his paintings, both larger works on canvas and smaller on board, and also for his oil crayon drawings on paper.

He has also done a number of prints using vitreography and digital media. Work by Herb Jackson may be viewed at the following galleries:\r\nGallery Ltd., New Bern, NC\r\nChrista Faut Gallery, Cornelius, NC\r\nThe Littleton Collection, Fort Pierce, FL\r\nCumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN\r\nJulian Contemporary , Cleveland, OH\r\nLes Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, VA\r\nMaurine Littleton Gallery, Washington, DC\r\nTaba Inc, Scottsdale, AZ\r\nMercury Fine s, Athens, GA\r\nParchman Stremmel Gallery, San Antonio, TX\r\nSomerhill Gallery, Durham, NC\r\nThomas Paul Fine s, Los Angeles, CA.


  • Throughout his childhood he was a regular at the North Carolina Museum of in Raleigh and won his first award for art in a juried exhibition there in 1962, as a teenager.


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    • One-man shows include: Mint Museum Art, Charlotte, 1973, University Nevada, Reno, 1973, Rahr Museum, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1973, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington, 1974, Nielsen Gallery, Boston, 1974, Impressions Gallery, Boston, 1975, 81, Hahn Gallery, Philadelphia, 1976, Dryden Gallery, Charlotte, 1976, Van Straaten Gallery, Chicago, 1977, Frances Aronson Gallery, Atlanta, 1978, North Carolina Museum Art, Raleigh, 1979, Rowe Gallery, University North Carolina, Charlotte, 1979, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1981, Phyllis Weil Gallery, New York City, 1981, 83, 85, 87, 88, 90, Princeton Gallery Fine Art, 1982, 83, Oxford Gallery, England, 1982, DBR Gallery, Cleveland, 1983, 84, Mint Museum Art, Charlotte, 1983, Springfield Museum Art, Missouri, 1983, Asheville Museum Art, North Carolina, 1983, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, 1983, Cheekwood Art Center, Nashville, 1983, Reading Art Museum, Pennsylvania, 1984, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, 1984, Huntsville Museum Art, Alabama, 1984, Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, 1984, 85, 87, 88, 90, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, 1986, 88, 92, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, 1987, 96, Judy Youens Gallery, Houston, 1988, Peden Gallery, Raleigh, 1988, 92, 93, Asheville Museum Art, 1988, Allene Lapides Gallery, Santa Fe, 1989-1990, Maurine Littleton Gallery, Washington, 1990, Hickory Museum Art, North Carolina, 1993, St. Johns Museum Art, Wilmington, North Carolina, 1993, Bi-National Cultural Center, Arequipa, Peru, 1994, parchman Stremmel Gallery, San Antonio, 1995-2001, Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1995, 98, 2006 Christa Faut Gallery, Cornelius, North Carolina, 1996, 97, 99, 2000, 02, 03, 05, 07, Louisiana Technology University, Ruston, 1999, Lmar Dodd Art Center, La Grange, Georgia, 1999, Greenville (North Carolina) Museum Art, 2000, Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville, Virginia, 2001, 04, 07, Graduate Student Instructor Fine Art, Cleveland, 2001, Fayetteville Museum Art, North Carolina, 2002, The Art Preserve, Charlotte, 2004, McColl Center Visual Art, 2007. Numerous group shows, since 1962, latest being International Print Biennale, Bradford, England, 1979, Mint Museum, Charlotte, 1979, 81, Southeastern Center Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, 1979, International São Paulo Bienal, 1979, Spring Mills Annual Competition, Lancaster, South Carolina, 1980, Weatherspoon Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1980, Impressions Gallery, Boston, 1980, Associated American Artists, Philadelphia, 1980, American Academy and Institute Arts and Letters, New York City, 1981, 1987, Brooklyn Museum Art, 1981, World's Fair, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1982, Davos, Switzerland, 1983, Palazzo Venezia, Rome, 1984, Mississippi Museum Art, 1984, University Denver, 1984, Albuequerque Museum Art, 1985, Florida State University, 1985, St. John's Museum Art, Wilmington, 1986, University Texas, San Antonio, 1987, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, 1988, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Federal Republic Germany, 1988, Lorenzelli Fine Art, Milan, 1989, Exhibition Hall of Union of Moscow Artists, Moscow, 1989, Samuel P. Harn Museum, Gainesville, Florida, 1990, New Orleans Museum Art, 1995, Shanxia Government Art Gallery, Xian, China, 1996, Morris Museum Art, Augusta, Georgia, 1997, Museum Del Vidrio, Monterey, Mexico, 1999, Vanessa Suchar Fine Arts, London, 2000, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, 2002. Represented in permanent collections: Baltimore Museum Art, Philadelphia Museum Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Whitney Museum Art, New York City, Minneapolis Institute Arts, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, Indianapolis Museum Art, Brooklyn Museum, United States Information Agency, Japan, University Wisconsin, Sheboygan, Yale University, New Haven, Museum Fine Arts, Boston, New York Public Library.

      , Library. Of Congress, Washington, Mint Museum, Charlotte, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Kalamazoo Institute Arts, Museum Fine Arts, Springfield, Massachusetts, Utah Museum, Salt Lake City, University Nebraska, Lincoln, University California, Riverside, Minnesota Museum Art, St. Paul, British Museum, London, others.


Member College Art Association, Southern Graphics Council, Charlotte Artists Coalition (director 1980-1981), Mecklenberg-Charlotte Arts and Science Council (director 1977-1979), Southeastern College Art Conference.


Married Laura Dudley Grosch, June 9, 1967. Children: Leif, Ulysses.

Walter H. Jackson

Virginia (Rogers) Jackson

Laura Dudley Grosch

Leif Jackson

Ulysses Jackson