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educator , writer , poet

Herbert Shore, American writer, poet, educator.


Shore, Herbert was born on June 6, 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Meyer and Frances (Smiler) Shore.


Bachelor of Arts, University Pennsylvania, 1942;postgraduate, Columbia University, 1946-1948;postgraduate, Dramatic Workship New School, 1946-1948;postgrad, Stanford University, 1948-1953;Master of Arts, Stanford University, 1958;Doctor of Philosophy, International College, 1983.


Writer, poet, dramatist and dramaturg, since 1956;director, Council Technology and Cultural Transformation, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1974-1988;professor, associate dean School of Theatre, University of Southern California, 1979-1993;professor emeritus School Theatre, University of Southern California, 1996;professor professor writing program, University of Southern California, since 1996;founding director, TNR: The New Repertory, since 1972;provost, International College, 1983-1986;writer-in-residence, Blue Mountain Centre, 1985, 86;director plays for theatre and television, author plays, also cantatas. Consultant United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, since 1974. Distinguished visiting fellow La Trobe U., Australia, 1990.

Artist in residence Eltham College, Australia, 1990. Senior affiliated scholar Multiethnic and Transnat. Studies, University of Southern California, since 1993.

Fellow Mayibuye Center, South Africa, 1995. Mentor global studies Immaculate Heart College Center, since 1993. Board directors Eduardo Mondlane Memorial Foundation, 1996.


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    • Author: Come Back Africa, 1970, Ashes Dark Antigone, 1972, Toward the World of Tomorrow, 1978, Cultural Policy, 1981, Cicada Images, Moulting, 1983, No Future Wrapped in Darkness, 1984. Seek to Be Human, 1985, Beginnings are Born in Memory, 1986, Shimé, 1986, Trees Die Standing, 1987, And the Dogs Are Silent, 1988, Should the Grain Perish, 1989, Namashawala, Santa Claus and the Bagamoyo Cock, 1990, South African Township Theatre, 1990, Southern Africa: A Dream Deferred, 1990, Apartheid's Waning and Dangerous Years, 1990, Sounds in the Wind, (poetry) 1991, Exile from El Salvador, Terra Infirma, 1992. Co-author: (with George Houser) I Must Go Singing, An Oral History of Walter Sisulu, 1999.

      Also articles, short stories, poems.


Advisory council International Symposium on Arts, Banff Centre, since 1984. Executive Committee International Institute Audio-Visual Media, Vienna, since 1985. Associate scholar Center for African Studies, Eduardo Mondlane U., since 1988.

Served with United States Marine Corps, 1943-1946. Member Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists association Center West, United States of America, LMDA, Association Theatre Higher Education, National Writers Union, Academy American Poets, Society Writers and Poets, African Studies Association.


Married Yen Lu Wong, December 23, 1977. Children: Norman Jon, Pia Ilyen Wong. Maya Iming Wong.

Meyer Shore

Frances (Smiler) Shore

Yen Lu Wong

Norman Jon Shore

Pia Wong Shore

Maya Richards Shore