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Hoke Smith


Hoke Smith, American senator.


Smith, Hoke was born on September 2, 1855 in Newton, North Carolina, United States. Son of Hosea Hildreth Smith (Doctor of Laws) and Mary Brent (Hoke) S.


Educated by father; moved to Georgia, 1872.


General T. R. R. Cobb, December 19, 1883. Children—Marion, Mistress Mary Brent Ransom, Mistress Lucy Hoke Smith Grant, Mistress Callie Hoke Smith May. Married second, Mazie Crawford, August 27, 1924.

Admitted to Georgia bar, 1873. Practiced at Atlanta, 1873-1893, and 1896-1907. Proprietor of the Atlanta Journal, 1887-1896.

Delaware Democratic State Convention, 1882. President Young Men’s Library, Atlanta, 1881-1883. President Atlanta Board Education, 1896-1907.

Delegate Democratic National Convention, 1892. Secretary of the interior, in cabinet of President Cleveland, March 4, 1893-September 1, 1896, resigning to support Bryan for the presidency. Governor of Georgia, 1907-1909.

Reëlected for term 1911-1913. Elected United States senator to fill unexpired term (1911-1915) of A. S. Clay, deceased, and resigned as governor. Began service as United States senator, December, 1911.

Reëlected for term 1915-1921. Later practiced law at Atlanta. Home: Atlanta, Ga.


Married Birdie, d. Married second, Mazie Crawford, August 27, 1924. Children: Marion, Mistress.

Hosea Hildreth Smith Smith


Mazie Crawford

Marion Smith

Mrs Smith