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Hsi-chang Wang Edit Profile

also known as Hsi C. Wang

Engineer , business executive

Hsi-chang Wang was a Chinese engineer and business executive.


He was born in Fukien, China in 1892.


Mr. Wang was a graduate of Tsing Hua College in Peking, China in 1913. Then he went to America in 1914 and graduated with Bachelor of Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in 1917 and Master of Arts from Columbia University in 1918. He was a research student at Harvard University in 1918-1920.


Hsi-chang Wang returned to China in 1920 and became an instructor at Tsing Hua College in Peking, China. He worked also as a technical secretary of the mechanical department of the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1921. Then Mr. Wang was promoted assistant chief of the navigation department of the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1924, general manager of North-Eastern State Shipping Co. in 1925. He assisted in taking over ships, wharfs and docks belonging to the Chinese Eastern Railway in September 1926.

Mr. Wang occupied positions of Managing Director of the NorthEastern Shipping Syndicate in 1927, chief of the General Affairs Department of the China National Aviation Corporation in 1930. In June 1930, when the Corporation was reorganised, he was appointed business manager and concurrently secretary of the board of directors of the same Corporation, member of the Committee on the SinoAmerican Air Agreement, member of the Iron and Steel Institute of London and author of "Grain Growth in Iron and Steel".