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Hsuan Tang Edit Profile

Government official

Hsuan Tang was a Government official.


He was born at Hsinhui, Kwangtung, China in 1886.


Hsuan Tang received bis early education in his native village.

He studied in the law department of Peiyang University, Tientsin, China in 1904.

Then he went to America and attended Yale University from which he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1910.

He received his Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago in 1910.


In 1911 Hsuan Tang was appointed officer in charge of the land office in Canton. Then he became chief secretary in the education department of Kwangtung Province and president of the LiangKwang Provincial Normal College, Canton, China.

Mr. Tang joined the Chinese Government Salt Revenue Service in 1914 and has been stationed in various parts of China. He was district inspector of Salt Revenue for the Liang Kwang Provinces with his Head Office at Canton.