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bank executive

I. Min Chao, Chinese bank executive. Certified National Management Consultant of Japan.


Chao, I. Min was born on May 13, 1943 in Je-He, Republican of China. Son of Taz-Chi and Chun-Wa (Chung) Chao.


Bachelor Business, Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1966. Master of Arts of Business Operation Justification, China Industrial and Commercial Research, Taipei, Taiwan, 1989. Master of Arts International Management, University St. Thomas, 1994.

Master of Arts Policy Research and Development, Sun Yat-sen Institution, Taipei, Taiwan, 1992.


Chief of accounting china Petrooleum Limited company, Taipei, 1966-1974. Accounting manager China Chung-Tai Limited company, 1974-1981, China Petrochem. Development Limited company, Taipei, 1983-1988.

Executive vice president, director Taiwan Aluminum Limited company, 1983-1988. Executive vice president, general manager The Medium Business Bank of Taiwan, 1988-1990. Board directors, executive vice president Taiwan Business Bank, 1990-1994.

Associate professor Hsing Wu College Commerce, Teipei, 1991-1994. Advisor Hai Hu Institute Commerce, Teipei, 1991-1994. Chairman Council of Commercial and Finance, The Modern Medium Business Institute of the Republic of China, Taipei, 1994.

Consultant The Economics Institute of Taiwan of Republican of China, 1993-1994. Associate professor China Industrial and Commercial Research Institute, 1994. Advisor Groving Construction Company, 1992-1994.


  • Certified National Management Consultant of Japan.


Director Chineses Education Ethics Academy, 1992-1994, Chinese Cultural Education Association, 1993-1994, Chao's Family-Tree Association in Republican of China, 1990-1994, Lung-Kong Family-Tree Association in Republican of China, 1992-1994. Chairman Council of Enterprise Management, 1993-1994. Advisor Sino-Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Association, 1993-1994.

Supervisor Lung Kong World Federation. Member Association Management Consultant of Japan, The Management Accounting of Republican of China Association (board directors 1993-1994), Chinese Industrial Management Association (board directors 1993-1994), International Society Progress and Development of Korea Association (board directors 1993-1994).


  • Other Interests

    Jogging, tennis, golf, stamp collecting/philately, coin collecting/numismatics.


Married Wu Cahoo, May 5, 1968. Children: Puo-Liang, Chung-Liang, Shu-Liang, Chih-Liang.

Taz-Chi Chao

Chun-Wa (Chung) Chao

Wu Cahoo

Puo-Liang Chao

Chung-Liang Chao

Shu-Liang Chao

Chih-Liang Chao