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Ibrahim Ahmed Halidi Edit Profile


Ibrahim Ahmed Halidi is a long-time politician in Comoros.


Ibrahim Ahmed Halidi, President of the Supreme Court, attempted, with the support of the Court, to seize power from President Said Mohammed Djohar on Aug. 3, 1991 proclaiming himself interim president. The coup was declared illegal by the government and its allies, among them France, the French officer responsible for presidential security declaring the coup unlawful in a statement made at the main square in Moroni, the capital. The coup also failed to win the support of the opposition Comoros Democratic Front.

Halidi was the Prime Minister of Comoros from January to May 1993.

On May 26, 1993 President Said Mohammed Djohar appointed Said Ali Mohammed as Prime Minister and asked him to form a new government. The appointment followed a no confidence motion passed in the Federal Assembly on May 19 against the government of Ibrahim Abderamane Halidi. The motion was proposed by Assembly members close to Mohamed Said Abdallah Mchangama, the President's son-in-law. President Said Mohammed Djohar on June 19 dissolved the Federal Assembly and appointed a new interim Prime Minister, following a motion of censure against the government of Said Ali Mohammed on June 18. Djohar declared unconstitutional the vote against Mohammed, which was apparently initiated by supporters of Ibrahim Abderamane Halidi (whom Mohammed had replaced as Prime Minister on May 26).

Halidi also ran for president in May 2006 with the backing of the outgoing president, Azali Assoumani, but lost to Ahmed Abdallah Sambi.

Halidi later became an advisor to Anjouan President Mohamed Bacar. Following the March 2008 invasion of Anjouan, which toppled Bacar, Halidi was found in hiding, along with Mohamed Abdou Mmadi and Ahmed Abdallah Sourette, on March 29 near Domoni and was arrested.