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Ibrahim M. Abdullah MANNA’

Dean of Teachers’ Junior College , Mecca

Ibrahim M. Abdullah MANNA’, Dean of Teachers’ Junior College, Mecca.


MANNA’, Ibrahim M. Abdullah was born on December 12, 1946 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) 1972. Master of Arts. (Instructional Systems Technology) 1973.


Specialist, Instructional Systems Technology. Director of Educational TV. Director of Educational Materials.

Director of Teachers’ Training Institute. Member of Mecca Cultural Club. Member of National Audio-visual Association, United States.A.

National Association of Educational Technology and Communications. Member of Higher Council of Teachers’ Junior Colleges. Dean of Teachers’ Junior College, Mecca.


  • Instructional Systems Technology (under publication.).


In order to ensure the preservation of human life, Allah set rules for healthy eating and living, and forbid the taking of life and suicide.