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Idi Amin Edit Profile

also known as Idi Awo-Ongo Angoo

Military officer , President of Uganda

Idi Amin, former president of Uganda, military officer. Achievements include heavy weight boxing champion, Uganda, 1951-1960. Decorated 8 military honors Uganda.


Amin, Idi was born in 1924 in Koboko, Uganda.


Educated, Primary Sch. Doctor of Laws, Makerere University, 1976.


Assistant cook 4th Uganda Battalion, King's African Rifles, 1946, became private, 1946, corporal, 1948, from sergeant-major to platoon commissioned, 1958—1961. Advanced through grades to colonel, 1964. Served with 11th East African Division, Burma, World World War II, also Kenya, during Mau Mau Emergency.

Became deputy Commander Ugandan Army, 1964, major general, 1968. Chief Army and Air Force Staff, 1966, 1970. President Uganda, 1971—1979.

Also commander-in-chief armed forces Uganda. Minister internal affairs Uganda, 1973. Minister of foreign affairs Uganda, 1974—1975.

Chairman Defense Council Uganda, 1972. President for life Uganda, 1971—1979. Field marshal Ugandan Army, 1975.

Chairman Organization African Unity, 1975—1976. Overthrown by invading Tanzanian army, exiles to Libya and Iraq, 1979. Final asylum in, Saudi Arabia, 1980—2003.


  • Achievements include heavy weight boxing champion, Uganda, 1951-1960.


Son of Andreas Nyabire (Islamic name Amin Dada) and Assa Aatte. Married Malyamu, 1966 (divorced 1972), Kay Adroa, 1966 (divorced 1972), Nora, 1967 (divorced 1972), Madina, 1972, Sarah, 1975. 45 children.

Andreas Nyabire Amin