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Iegoshua Moiseevich Shlugleit

Artist Landscape painter

Iegoshua Moiseevich Shlugleit, USSR Artist. Landscape painter.


Shlugleit, Iegoshua Moiseevich was born in 1875 in Odessa.


Studied at the Odessa Society of Fine Arts, then the Petersburg Society of Arts, 1895-1901. Pupil ofll’iaRepin.


Began exhibiting in 1898. Exhibitions: Spring Exhibitions at the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, 1898—1902,1904-1912,1914, MOLKH, 190104 1908-1911, St. Petersburg Society of Artists, 1905-1914, the Society of Water-Colour Artists, St. Petersburg, 1909, the Association of Artists, 1912, 1914. His last-known picture was purchased in 1927 by the Moscow Rumiantsev Museum (now part of the Tretiakov Gallery).