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Igor Iushkevich

ballet dancer

Igor Iushkevich, USSR Ballet dancer.


Iushkevich, Igor was born on March 13, 1912 in Piriatin, Poltava Gouvernement.


Emigrated in the 1920s to Belgrade. Pupil, then partner, of the ballerina K. Grunt, 1932. With B. Nizhinskaia, 1934, and L. Vuitsikovskii, 1935.

Trained by O. Preobrazhenskaia in Paris. With the Ballet Russe du Colonel de Basil, 1937, and the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, 1938-1944, and 1956-1957. With Leonid Massin, 1946.

Soloist with the American Ballet Theatre, 1946-1955. Worked with George Balanchine. Acted in some films. Taught at a ballet school in New York.

In 1960, visited the USSR on tour with the American Ballet Theatre. Retired, 1962.