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Igor Borisovich Markevich

composer , conductor , pianist

Igor Markevich, USSR Conductor, composer, pianist.


Markevich, Igor was born on July 27, 1912 in Kiev.


Pupil of A. Cortot, N. Boulanger and H. Scherchen.


Grandson of the ethnographer and historian N. A. Markevich. Emigrated to France. At the age of 16, discovered by S. Diaghilev, who took him to Munich a few months before his death. Early in 1936, married Kira Nijinsky in the Coronation Church in Budapest.

Held conducting posts in Paris and in Moscow (guest conductor, 1960). Divorced Kira, because according to him she was ‘mad like her father’. Conductor with the Orchestra of the Santa Cecilia Academy, Rome.

His memoirs (Etre et Avoir Ete) have been published in French and translated into English. Other works: Introduction a laMusique, Lausanne, 1940.