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Il’ia Mikhailovich Zdanevich

artist , publisher , poet

Il’ia Zdanevich, USSR Poet, artist, publisher.


Zdanevich, Il’ia was born in 1894 in Tiflis, Georgia, United States.


Graduated from Petrograd University, 1917.


His Polish father was a teacher of French, his mother was Georgian. As a young man, corresponded with Marinetti. One of the first Russian futurists in Petrograd and Tiflis (Tbilisi).

Left for Constantinople, 1920, and for Paris, 1921. Became a Dadaist. One of the founders of the poetic group Cherez. Organized poetry readings by V. Mayakovsky and A. Kusikov in Paris.

Over a period of 34 years, published 22 such books. The exhibition Iliazd and the Illustrated Book (18 June-18 August 1987) in New York attracted a lot of attention.