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Member of the Bundesrat

Ilse GIESINGER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat.


GIESINGER, Ilse was born on January 26, 1947 in Feldkirch Voralberg.


Commercial college.


Member, Austrian Economic Union, since 1975. Member, Municipal Council, Koblach, 1975-1990. Member, Area Party leadership, Koblach, since 1983.

Member, Party leadership, Feldkirch, since 1980. Elected Member, Regional Party leadership, Vorarlberg. since 1983. Deputy Representative, Koblach Austrian Economic Union, since 1987.

Chairwoman, Study Group on Women in the Economy in Vorarlberg, since 1986. Chairwoman, Women in the Economy, Chamber of Industrial Economy for Vorarlberg, since 1987. Replaced Member of Bundesrat Jürgen Weiss, October 1991.

Worked in parents’ business, 1965-1973, managing partner, since 1973.