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Isaac G. Strain Edit Profile

Naval officer , explorer

Isaac G. Strain, American naval officer, explorer.


Strain, Isaac G. was born on March 4, 1821 in Roxbury, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Robert and Eliza (Geddes) Strain.


Attended naval school, Philadelphia, 1842-1843.


Became midshipman United States Navy, 1837. Served in West Indies and South America, 1837-1842. On leave of absence, 1843-1844.

Led expedition partially financed by Academy Natural Sciences of Philadelphia to Brazil. Served in frigate Constitution in East Indies, 1844. Served in ship Ohio during Mexican War, 1848.

Crossed South America from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires, 1848-1849. Served to Mexican boundary commission of Department of Interior, 1850. Led exploration of Isthmus of Darien to evaluate route for possible canal, 1853.

Joined Lieutenant O. H. Berryman’s expedition in ship Arctic to investigate possibility of laying submarine cable between United States and Great Britain, 1856.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Cordillera and Pampa, Mountain and Plain, 1853. A Paper on the History and Prospects of Interoceanic Communication by the American Isthmus, 1856.


Robert Strain

Eliza (Geddes) Strain