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Iulia Ippolitovna Solntseva

director , actress

Iulia Solntseva, USSR Actress, director.


Solntseva, Iulia was born on August 7, 1901.


Graduated from the State Institute of Musical Drama, 1922.


Her major acting part was Aelita, 1924. Otherfilms as an actress include Papirosnitsa Iz Mossel’proma, 1924, andZemlia, 1930. Married A. Dovzhenko, and assisted him and co-directed his films until his death.

Filmed, using Dovzhenko’s scripts, Poema о More, 1958, and Povesl' Plamennykh Let, 1961. In 1971, made a film about Dovzhenko, Zolotye Vorota.