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Iulian Semenovich Semenov


Iulian Semenov, USSR Author.


Semenov, Iulian was born on October 8, 1931.


Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, 1953.


For some time, worked as a foreign correspondent and political commentator. Turned to full-time thriller writing and soon acquired the reputation of being the Soviet Ian Fleming. His writing is aimed at the Soviet mass market.

Specializes in popular novels featuring the exploits of handsome, brave and honest Soviet intelligence agents, which feed rumours that his Committee for State Security connections are not confined to fiction only. His novels are officially heavily promoted, with nearly everything turned into films or TV serials which attract audiences of more than 200 million. First received fame for Pelrovka 38 (HQ of the criminal police, CID).

Other books include: Major Vikhr, 1967, and 17 Mgnovenii Vesny, 1969. His latest bestseller, TASS Is Authorized to Announce, 1979, was translated into English in 1987. Also available in English is the sequel, International Knot, John Calder, 1988.