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Iulii Iakovlevich Raizman

film director

Iulii Raizman, USSR Film director.


Raizman, Iulii was born on December 15, 1903.


Veteran director, assistant to Protazanov, one of the founders of silent Russian cinema. In 1924, graduated from Moscow University Department of Literature and Art. His directorial debut was The Ring, 1927, a story about a trial, which made a great impact during the NEP period.

Became known for his comedies The Pilots, 1935, and Mashenka, 1942. Other films: Forced Labour (Gosvoenkino, 1928), The Earth Thirsts (Vostokkino, 1930), The Last Night (Mosfilm, 1936), Virgin Soil Upturned (Mosfilm, 1939), Moscow (Mosfilm, 1944), Berlin (documentary, Central Documentary Film Studios, 1945), The Communist (Mosfilm, 1957), What If It Is Love? (Mosfilm, 1961), Your Contemporary (Mosfilm, 1968), A Strange Woman (Mosfilm, 1977).