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Ivan Ivanovich DZERZHINSKY

composer , Honorary Art Worker of USSR since 1957

Ivan DZERZHINSKY, Composer; Honorary Art. Worker of USSR since 1957. Stalin Prize, 1950; Order of Lenin; medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


DZERZHINSKY, Ivan was born in 1909 in Tambov.


1929 graduated 1st Moscow State Musical Technicum. 1930 graduated Gnesiny Musical Technicum, Moscow. 1932 graduated Leningrad Central Musical Technicum.

1934 graduated piano and composition classes, Leningrad Conservatory.


Since 1930 pianist and rehearsals accompanist. 1936-1948 board member, Leningrad Deputy, USSR Union of Composers. 1948-1958 board member, USSR Union of Composers.

Deputy, Leningrad City Soviet of Workers’ Deputy of 1946, 1949 and 1955 convocation. While still a student began composing opera “Tikhy Don” (The Quiet Don), successful in USSR, United States of America and other foreign countries. Late 1930's criticized for failure to develop positive qualities of “The Quiet Don” in his other operas.


Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


Member, Communist Party, since 1942.