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Ivan Grigorevicb KOCHERGIN


Ivan KOCHERGIN, USSR Surgeon. Professor 1940; Doctor of Medicine Science; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science; USSR Deputy Ministry of Health since 1959; Collegium member, USSR Ministry of Health, since 1959; Deputy Chief Editor, ‘‘Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition, since 1955. Order of Lenin, 1960; other orders; medals; World Peace Council’s Scroll of Honor.


KOCHERGIN, Ivan was born in 1903.


1927 graduated Medical Faculty, 2nd Moscow University.


Member, International Association, of Surgeons. Deputy Editor, journal ‘‘Vestnik Akademii meditsinskikh nauk USSR” (Herald of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences). Member, Editor Board, journal ‘‘Novy khirurgichesky arkhiv” (New Surgical Archives).

Together with S. I. Spasokukotsky developed a method of preoperative preparation of the hands with a 0.5% ammonium hydroxide solution. Helped develop a method of determining the localization of metallic foreign bodies in the body (radioprobe). 1944 developed hexenal intraintestinal anasthesia.

Developed a method of treating wounds with preparations containing cod-liver oil. 1955 attended 16th International Congress of Surgeons, Copenhagen, and toured clinics and hospitals in Sweden and Norway. September 1959 attended Budapest session of European Regional Bureau, World Health Organization.

December 1959 directed 5th All-Union Congress of Dermatologists and Venerologists, Leningrad, and All-Union Conference of Postgraduate Medicine Institute Directors, Moscow. Together with S. V. Kurashov received a delegate of Turkish physicians headed by Turkish Ministry of Health. March 1960 attended Symposium of Public Health Organizers of the Socialist Countries, Moscow.

July 1960 received a delegate of English public health workers. April 1960 directed AllUnion Conference of Medicine Library Workers. October 1960 directed Conference on Problems of Secondary Medicine Education.

July 1960 visited Congo for independence day celebrations. May 1961 read a paper on Soviet public health at International Seminar of the World Health Organization, Moscow. Works deal with surgery, public health organ, and organ, of medical training.

1928-1934 intern, Professor Spasokukotsky’s Surgical Clinic, Pirogov 2nd Moscow Medicine Institute. 1934-1939 assist, and lecturer, 1937-1940 Director, since 1940 Head, Chair of Surgery, Gorky Medicine Institute. 1940-1951 Head,Department of Higher Medicine Education Establishments.

Member, AllUnion Committee High School Affairs, USSR Council of Popular Commissar. Simultaneously Professor, Chair of Surgical Clinic, 2nd Moscow Medicine Institute. 1952-1956 USSR Deputy Ministry of Health and Chairman, Learned Medicine Council, USSR Ministry of Health.

1956-1958 senior adviser, Chinese Popular Republic Ministry of Health.


There is no conclusive logical argument for the existence of God. His existence is continuously debated.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.