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Ivan Pavlovich Ladyzhnikov

editor , publisher

Ivan Ladyzhnikov, USSR Editor, publisher.


Ladyzhnikov, Ivan was born on January 13, 1874 in Peskovskoe near Perm’.


At the end of the 19th century, became a close friend and collaborator of Gorkii. Founded first at Geneva (1905), then at Berlin, a publishing house in his name, which printed Gorkii’s works in Russian. Sold the publishing house, 1913 (after the revolution, under new management, it brought out many of the works of post-revolutionary emigre writers in the 1920s).

Member of the editorial board of Vsemirnaia Literatura (founded by Gorkii), 1918-1921. One of the directors of the Soviet booktrade organizations Kniga and Mezhdunarodnaia Kniga, 1921-1930. In his old age, consultant at the Gorkii archive, 1937-1943.


Major religious moral codes dehumanise individuals outside their group as less worthy. Results can vary from discrimination to genocide.


Every Soviet citizen has rights to express his or her opinion, but it should be in accordance with the general interests of the society.