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Ivan Kirillovich MAKSIMENKO


Ivan MAKSIMENKO, USSR Selectionist. Cotton-grower; full member, Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, since 1959; associate, Institute of Agriculture, Turkmenistan Minister of Agriculture.


MAKSIMENKO, Ivan was born in 1907.


Specialist in cotton variety selection. Raised following new cotton varieties: 54761, distinguished by compact, dwarf-shrub form and now grown in regions of the Mari Oblast. 87631 (developed in 1958) giving high-quality cotton staple.

87041 which sheds its leaves at the time of harvest. First in USSR to develop new cotton variety with staple naturally tinted in various colors and shades. Deputy Chairman, Turkmenistan Supreme Soviet of 1959 convocation.

Since 1960 member, Turkmenistan Committee the Defense of Peace.