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Ivan Terentevich PERESYPKIN

government and military official

Ivan PERESYPKIN, USSR Government and military official. Marshal of Signal-Communication Troops; former Chief of SignalCommunication Troops, Soviet Army. three Order of Lenin; two Order of Red Banner; Order of Kutuzov, Class I; medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1925.


PERESYPKIN, Ivan was born in 1904.


1924 graduated Red Army Military Political School. 1937 graduated Mfl. Electrotechn. Communications Academy.


Military specialist in organ, of signal-communication troops. 1942-1945 member, Supreme Command Staff. Led signalcommunication troops at Stalingrad in operations to encircle and destroy German forces.

In Kursk offensive, 1944 Belarusian operation, etc. 1950-1953 carried out basic reorgan, of signal-communication troops, North Korean Army. Author of several works on tactical use and organ, of signal-communication troops.

Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1946 convocation. 1919-1920 volunteer in Red Army. 1920-1923 miner in Donbas.

1924-1932 military political work in Red Army. 1937-1939 Military Commissar, Communications Research Institute, then Military Commissar, Communications Bd,, Red Army. 1939-1941 USSR Popular Commissar of Communications.

1941-1945 USSR Deputy Popular Commissar of Defense and Chief, Main Communications Board, Soviet Army. 1946-1957 Chief, Sov, Army SignalCommunication Troops. Present military pos. unknown.


Member, Communist Party, since 1925.


Member, Communist Party, since 1925.