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Ivan Dmitrievich Sytin

editor , publisher , bookseller

Ivan Sytin, USSR Publisher, bookseller, editor.


Sytin, Ivan was born on February 5, 1851 in Gnezdnikovo near Soligalich. Son of a rural clerk.


Worked in bookshops in Moscow. Started to print lubki (folk prints), 1876, and later published cheap books for readers in villages, 1877. Collaborated with L. Tolstoy and Chertkov (Posrednik publishing house), 1884.

Gradually became one of the most important publishers in Russia in the 1890s. Had his own bookshops in 60 Russian cities. Dispossessed by the Bolsheviks, continued to work as a state employee in his former print shop.

Memoirs, Zhizn dlia Knigi.