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Iwao Kokusho Edit Profile

Economist , Professor

Iwao Kokusho was a Japanese economist, professor and founder of the Japan Research Institute.


Iwao Kokusho was born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan in 1895.


Iwao Kokusho studied at the Kyoto University.


After graduating from Kyoto University was appointed an assistant professor at his alma mater (1921) and then sent to Europe and America for further studies (1923). Upon return rejoined his alma mater as full professor. Iwao Kokusho founded Japan Research Institute (1927) and was conferred a doctorate (1929). Among his works are "Study of Economic History," "Regulations and Struggles in Feudalistic Society" and "Historical Stories of Farmers’ Revolts."

Osaka University of Economics dates back to the establishment of Naniwa Commercial High School, its forerunner, in 1932. The High School underwent reorganization, and in 1935 Dr. Iwao Kokusho, then professor at Kyoto Imperial University, reopened the school as Showa Commercial High School, which he had built using his personal assets. In 1944, the school became Osaka Girls College of Economics, because male students had to leave school due to student mobilization during WW2. During the post-war period, the school became a coeducational college and in 1946 was renamed Osaka College of Economics. It was given its current name, Osaka University of Economics (OUE), in 1949. Dr. Iwao Kokusho became its first President.


  • Iwao Kokusho founded Japan Research Institute.