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Jack Louis KNETSCH


Jack Louis KNETSCH, economist in the field of Conservation and Pollution; Social Choice. President, Western Regional Science Association.


KNETSCH, Jack Louis was born in 1933 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States of America.


Bachelor of Science (Soil Science), Master of Science (Agriculture Economics) Mich. State University, 1955,1956. MPA, Doctor of Philosophy Harvard University, 1960, 1963.


Economics, Tennessee Valley Authority, 1956-1961. Research Association, Resources for the Future, Washington, District of Columbia, 1961-1966. Professor of Economics, George Washington University, 1967-1970.

Senior Staff Economics, United States Council Environmental Quality, Washington, District of Columbia, 1970-1971. Adviser, Malysia Government, Harvard University Development Advisory Service, 1971-1973. Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Professor, University Newcastle, Australia, 1973.

Visiting Professor, University Toronto, 1977-1978, University New England, Australia, 1981, Oxford University, 1983. Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, since 1974. Editorial Board, Land Econ Editor Council, Annals Regional Science.


  • President, Western Regional Science Association.



One early study was among the first to use land value changes as an indirect measure of the benefit provided by an amenity resource. Further contributions have been made in the assessment of nonpecuniary values in such areas as recreation, environmental quality, and time devoted to household production. More recent work has centred on alternative techniques of assessing changes in economic welfare.

This has included the issue of appropriate choice of bases for measurement as well as observed differences between them. Another major area of research has been the economic analysis of various legal rules and institutions. This has included compulsory acquisition, assignments of entitlements, compensation claims, matrimonial property and regulatory change.