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Jake Siewert Edit Profile

also known as Richard L. Siewert Jr.

Federal official , Press Secretary , Communications executive

Jake Siewert, federal official, former communications executive, former White House press secretary.


Siewert, Jake was born on February 1, 1964 in New York City. Son of Richard L. and Patricia (Nicholson) Siewert.


He later attended Emory University, studying comparative literature and philosophy, and the University of California, Berkeley, studying law for three years, but did not earn an advanced degree.


He served as White House Press Secretary during the administration of U.S. President Bill Clinton and in Treasury department during the Obama Administration. Born in New York City, Siewert is a 1986 graduate of Yale University. Siewert held positions in the Clinton Administration including press secretary from September 30, 2000, to January 20, 2001, and was at Alcoa from 2001-2009, last as vice president for environment, health and safety and public strategy.

In June 2009, Siewert joined the Obama administration in a position advising Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. In March 2012, Siewert was appointed as global head of corporate communications for Goldman Sachs, succeeding Lucas van Praag. An early task from the board to Siewert was to be the "rebranding" of chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, whose three-year tenure has been marked by challenges to the firm and to Blankfein himself.

Jake is married to Christine Anderson, who served as communications director for former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Ms. Anderson is also a former Press Secretary to Governor Spitzer and worked in the Clinton White House.


Married Christine Lynn Anderson, December 10, 2005.

Richard L. Siewert

Patricia (Nicholson) Siewert

Christine Lynn Anderson