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James Lyon, American clergyman.


James Lyon was born in Newark, New Jersey on July 1, 1735. It is known that his father was Zopher Lyon, but that he was orphaned at an early age.


Lyon then attended college at Nassau Hall, and afterwards obtained a Master's degree from College of Philadelphia.


In 1750, Isaac Lyon and John Crane became James' guardians, until the age of twenty-one. After his first year there, the parish invited him to remain at a raised salary and he remained there with a few interruptions, until his death on October 12, 1794. Alexander, Samuel Davies.

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  • Other Work

    • Author: Urania, 1761. The Lawfulness, Excellency and Advantages of Instrumental Musick in the Public Worship of God, 1763.


Married Martha Holden, February 18, 1768. Married second, Sarah Skillen, November 24, 1793.

Zopher Lyon

Mary Lyon

Sarah Skillen

Martha Holden