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sales official

James Norman Price, American sales official. Sunday school worker Bellvue Church, Memphis, l988.


Price, James Norman was born on February 10, 1959 in Picayune, Mississippi, United States.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Mississippi College, l98l.


Sales representative American Greetings Company, Lafayette, Louisiana, 1983-1984, territory supervisor Lufkin, Texas, 1984, sales development representative Houston, 1984-1986, field manager Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1986-1987, district manager Memphis, 1987-1988, sales representative, since 1988.


During the second coming of Christ, the God will sit in judgment and divide humanity between the saved and the lost and will sit in judgment of the believers, rewarding them for things done while alive.


Represented in Baptist churches are equally diverse worship styles, cultural mores and approaches to Scriptural interpretation. The resulting challenges and opportunities have made the believers stronger —through fellowship, respect, mutual support and dialog, all based on a belief that unity in Christ involves growth and understanding.


In a society where self-interest and hypocrisy are often seen as dominating, the Christians should nurture and promote values and purposes that are beyond us.


Sunday school worker Bellvue Church, Memphis, l988.


  • Other Interests

    Aerobic exercise, weightlifting, scuba diving, home repair and redecorating.


Son of Daniel Jefferson and Helen (Harris) P. M Lee Ann Miller, Oct.9, l987.

Daniel Jefferson Price

Helen (Harris) Price