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James P. Wade, Edit Profile

Government official , industry executive

James P. Wade,, government official, industry executive. Recipient Department Defense medal for distinguished Public Service with Silver Palm.


Wade,, James P. was born on December 26, 1930 in Richmond Heights, Missouri, United States.


Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy, 1953;Master of Science, University of Virginia, 1959;Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, 1961.


Member of staff, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defense College, Paris, 1955-1957;member physics staff, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, 1961-1965;operations directorate, USCINCEUR, Paris, 1966-1967;member of staff, Defense Advanced Research Agency, 1968-1969;member of staff, Office of Strategic and Space Systems, Defense Research & Engineering, 1970-1972;director, Office of Secretary of Defense Salt Support Group, 1972-1974;director, 1974-1977;assistant for analysis, Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, 1977-1978;chairman, Military Liaison Committee to Department Energy, 1978-1980;assistant to, Secretary Defense for Atomic Energy, 1978-1981;principal deputy undersecretary for Research and Engineering, Department Defense, 1981-1985;assistant secretary of defense for development and support, Department Defense, Washington, 1984-1985;acting under-secretary of defense for research and engineering, Department Defense, Washington, 1984-1985;assistant secretary of defense, Acquisition and Logistics, 1985-1986;chairman of board, Chief Executive Officer, Defense Group Inc., since 1987.


  • They published their concept in Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance, a 1996 monograph of the National Defense University.