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Jan-Goan Ang Edit Profile

also known as Hung Yuen-yuan

Chinese educator and welfare worker

Mr. Ang was an overseas Chinese educator and welfare worker. He contributed his life to the sphere of education and held different positions in the thirtieth of the 20th century. Mr. Ang was a managing-director of the Sin Pao paper. He was a member of various public organizations (Chinese Red Cross Society, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Fukien Guild).


Ang Jan-Goan was a native of Nan-An district, Fukien, he was born in Java, Dutch East Indies.


Ang Jan-Goan received his early education in China and attended the Chinan Institute (now Chinan University) from 1909 to 1911.


In 1912 shortly after the First Revolution Ang Jan Goan returned to Java and was engaged in educational work among the overseas Chinese community in D.E.I. In 1920 he was appointed an editor of the Sin Pao paper at Batavia.

In 1922 Ang Jan Goan took a position as a managing-director of the paper (Sin Pao is a daily news-paper in Batavia which prints two editions in the Chinese and Malay languages respectively). Concurrently he held also the positions as dean of the Chung Hua School established by the Chinese Guild in Batavia, vice-principal of the Chung Hua School for Girls, vice-president of Chinese Red Cross Society in Batavia, director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, of the Fukien Guild and various other overseas Chinese organizations.