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Janice Byers Edit Profile

artist , writer , poet

Janice Byers, American poet, writer, artist. Named Best Poet of 20th Century, International Library. Poetry; named one of Best Poems & Poets of 2002, International Library. of Poetry; named to International Poetry Hall of Fame; recipient President's Recognition of Literature Excellence award, National Authors Registry, 1999—2002, Famous Poets and Diamond Homer awards, Famous Poets Society, 1998—2002, Poet of Year medal, 1999.


Byers, Janice was born on April 9, 1966 in Warm Springs, Georgia, United States. Daughter of Grady Jackson and Mary Francis (Fincher) Brown.


Graduate, Manchester (Georgia) High School, 1984.


Owner, designer, artist JBO, Ltd., Warm Springs, since 1988. Kennel owner, trainer, handler Tru-Blu Fila's, since 1990. Executive chef and manager Tap's Italian Grill.

Tele. supervisor TRIB Publications, Manchester, Georgia, 1996, guest editorialist, since 1991. Consultant DownHome Development, Manchester.


  • Other Work

    • Author: The Complete Fila Brasileiro, 1999, (poetry) Poetry in Motion, 1998, Highwire Act, 1998, Everelasting Dreams, 1997, Mists of Enchantment, 1995. Author 17 poems on cassette The Sound of Poetry, 1995-2002.


  • Other Interests

    Raising and training fila brasileiro dogs, swimming, gardening, reading.


Married Michael Lee Byers, June 9, 1984. Children: Michael Isaac, Joshua Jackson, Mary Elisabeth.

Grady Jackson Brown

Mary Francis (Fincher) Brown

Michael Lee Byers

Michael Isaac Byers

Joshua Jackson Byers

Mary Elisabeth Byers