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Jaroslaw Aleksander Lewkowski

chemist , educator

Jaroslaw Aleksander Lewkowski, Polish chemist, educator.


Lewkowski, Jaroslaw Aleksander was born on December 12, 1966 in Lodz, Poland. Son of Kazimierz Andrzej Lewkowski and Jadwiga Irena Piasecka-Lewkowska.


Master of Science, University Lodz, Poland, 1990. Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, University de Lyon, France, 1996. Doctor of Science in Chemistry, University de Lyon, France, 2005.


Research assistant department organic chemistry University Lodz, Poland, 1989—1996, researcher, since 1997, associate professor, since 2006. Consultant National Technology Organization, Lodz, since 2001. Visiting professor University de Rennes, France, 1998—1999.

Translator in field.


  • Achievements include patents for preparation of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid. Research in electrochemical methods for the preparation of 2,5-furandicarbaldehyde. Research in new oxidative methods for the preparation of 2,5-furandicarbaldehyde.

    Research in synthesis of furan-derived aminophosphonic acids, ferrocene-derived aminophosphonic acids. Research in stereochemical behaviour in the addition of phosphites to terephthalic imines. Research in reactions of boron trihalides with thiophosphonic esters.

    Research in mechanism of the reaction of boron trihalides with phosphites. Research in reaction of boron tribromide with the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.


  • Contributor articles to professional journals. Co-author: Science of Synthesis.


  • Other Interests

    Travel, literature, languages, history, philosophy.


Married Ewa Barbara Stronka, August 11, 2001.

Kazimierz Andrzej Lewkowski

Jadwiga Irena Piasecka-Lewkowska

Ewa Barbara Stronka