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Jean SPAUTZ, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Housing and Urbanism.


SPAUTZ, Jean was born on September 9, 1930 in Schifflange, Luxembourg.


Chairman of Young Catholic Workers (JOC), 1954-1959. Chairman of Youth Branch of Social Christian Party, 66. Deputy for Sud constituency, 1959-1980.

Member of bureau of Chamber of Deputies, 1964-1976. Vice-Chairman of Chamber of Deputies, 80. Communal Councillor for Schifflange, 1964-1980.

Deputy Burgomaster for Schifflange, 1975-1980. Member of Consultative Assembly of Council of Europe and of Assembly of Western European Union, 1968-1979. Member of European Parliament, 1979-1980.

Minister of the Interior, Minister of the Family, Housing and Social Solidarity, 1980, 1984. Minister of the Interior, Housing and Urbanism, since 1989. Chairman of Social Christian Party, 1982-1990.

Honorary Chairman of Social Christian Party, 1990. Rolling mill operator, Arbed-Belval Factory, for 19 years. Trade union activist, then secretary of workers’ delegation.

National Chairman of Christian Trade Unions (LCGB) of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 1967-1980.