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Jean Weissenbach Edit Profile

researcher , science foundation director

Jean Weissenbach, French science foundation director, researcher. Recipient Maurice Nicloux prize, French Biological Chemistry Society, 1979, Mergier-Bourdeix prize, French Academy of Sciences, 1992, Mauro Baschirotto prize, European Society Human Genetics, 1995, Athena Foundation prize, 1996, Platinum Technology 21st Century Pioneer Partnership award, Smithsonian Institute, 1999, Gairdner Foundation award, 2002.


Weissenbach, Jean was born on February 13, 1946 in Strasbourg.


Bachelor in Mathematics, University Strasbourg, 1964. Graduate in Chemistry, University Strasbourg, 1969. Doctor of Science in Molecular Biology, University Strasbourg, 1977.


With University Strasbourg, Pasteur Institute, Genethon. Director National Center for Scientific Research (French Center for Scientific Research). Chief Executive Officer Genescope, French National Sequencing Center, Envy, France, since 1997.

Advisor, committee on mapping and sequencing of the human genome United States Academy of Sciences, 1987. Member genome committee French Ministry for Research, 1989, 91. Member advisory group Sanger Center Scientific, since 1994.

Member scientific board GREG, 1994—1995. Member college scientific advisors Pasteur Institute, 1994—1996. Member scientific be.

Geographic information system or geographical information science Infobiogen, 1994—1999. Member scientific committee for research into the human genome German Ministry for Education, Science, Research and Technology, 1995—1996. Chairman scientific committee Max-Planck Institute Molecular Genetics, Berlin, 1997.

Member scientific committee Lillie Biology Institute, 1998, Genomics Pathogins Laboratory, Pasteur Institute, 1998. Member scientific board Genomics Program of French Ministry responsible for research, 1999.


  • Other Work

    • Member editorial committee Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics, 1992-1997, Human Molecular Genetics, 1994-1998, Annals Human Genetics, since 1994, Genome Research, since 1995.


Member of Academy of Sciences, Molecular Medicine Society, French Society Human Genetics, French Society Genetics, Human Genome Organization, European Molecular Biology Organization, French Society Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, HUGO.