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Jean Charles NATALI


Jean Charles NATALI, French Senator. Commander of the Legion of Honour, Commander of Civil Merit; Chevalier of Maritime Merit; Medal of the Voluntary Resistance Fighter.


NATALI, Jean Charles was born on June 21, 1905 in Mazzola, Haute Corse, France. Parents: Don Marc Natali and Serena Natali (née Donsimoni).


Naval Medical School, Bordeaux, 1926. University of Bordeaux, Faculty of Medicine, doctor of medicine. Spoken languages: Italian, English.


Chief Medical Officer, Free French Naval Forces in Great Britain, 1942-1945. Departmental delegate for Corsica to the Ressamblement du Peuple Français, 1948. Principal Private Secretary to Minister of Defence, 1955/56.

Councillor of the French Union. 1955; Departmental Councillor for Oise, 1959-1982. Locum Deputy to Marcel Dassault, Deputy for Oise.

Senator for Oise, 1965, re-elected 1974 and 1983. Member of Senate Commission for Foreign Affairs and Defence. Chief Medical Officer, Naval Reserve.


Roman Catholic.


Spouse Pierrette Mattei, 1965. Children: Jean-Claude.