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Jean Gustave COURCELLE-SENEUIL Edit Profile


Jean Gustave COURCELLE-SENEUIL, economist. Officer, Légion d’Honneur; Councillor of State, France, 1879.


COURCELLE-SENEUIL, Jean Gustave was born in 1813 in Vauxains, Dordogne, France.


A writer of able works of a practical and factual kind, but with no claims as a theorist. He did attempt some simple graphical presentations which are of interest and used his own distinctive terminology — plutology for theory, and ergonomy for applied economics — which gained no currency. His work in government gave him considerable opportunity for the application of his economic ideas, which remained of the liberal, free trade variety.

Journalist, Businessman and Govt, employee. Professor Political Economics, University Santiago, Chile, 1852-1862. Retired in France, re-entering journalism and politics.


  • Officer, Légion d’Honneur. Councillor of State, France, 1879.