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Jeremiah Morrow

United States representative , governor of Ohio , politician , United States senator , member of the Ohio House of Representatives

Jeremiah Morrow, American senator, governor of Ohio. member Ohio Territorial House of Representatives, 1801-1802,; member United States House of Representatives from Ohio, 8th-12th, 26th-27th congresses, 1803-1813, 40-43; member Ohio House of Representatives, 1829, 35; member United States Senate from Ohio, 1813-1819.


Morrow, Jeremiah was born on October 6, 1771 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of John and Mary (Lockart) Morrow.


He served as the ninth Governor of Ohio, and the last Democratic-Republican to do so. He moved to the Northwest Territory in 1795. He lived at the mouth of the Little Miami River for a short time before moving to what is now Warren County.

He ran for the U.S. Senate in 1812 and served a single term from 1813 to 1819, and did not seek re-election. In 1820, he served as one of Ohio's Presidential electors for James Monroe. He declined to serve a third term, instead returning to the Ohio House of Representatives and State Senate. was sent back to Washington again in 1841, and served two more years in the House, but refused to be renominated in 1842, believing himself too old.

After retiring from politics, returned to his farm and gristmill in Warren County. was buried in Union Cemetery in Loveland, Ohio. is the namesake of the Jeremiah Bridge, the highest bridge in Ohio. County and , Ohio are named after him.


  • Morrow won four additional full terms. He won election to the governorship in 1822 and served for two two-year terms.


Democratic-Republican Party, Whig Party.


After serving in the Territorial House of Representatives and Territorial Senate, and as a Hamilton county delegate to the 1802 Constitutional Convention, he was elected to the first State Senate a year later and served six months before becoming Ohio's first member of the United States House of Representatives. Morrow was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1814.


Married Mary Parkhill, February 19, 1799, 6 children.

John Morrow

Mary (Lockart) Morrow

Mary Parkhill