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Jesse Lee was an American Methodist Episcopal clergyman and pioneer, born in Prince George's County, Virginia.


Lee, Jesse was born on March 12, 1758 in Prince George County, Virginia, United States. Son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Lee. Methodist circuit preacher in Virginia, Maryland., North Carolina, 1783-1789.


He formed the first Methodist class in New England, at Stratford, Connecticut, September 26, 1787. He preached his first sermon (outdoors) on June 7 or 17, 1789 in Norwalk, Connecticut. He held the first Methodist class in Boston, Massachusetts on July 13, 1792.

He lacked only one vote of being elected Bishop by the General Conference of 1800, but was appointed to be a presiding elder of the south district of Virginia in 1801. On May 22, 1809 Lee was appointed Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives He was reappointed on November 2, 1812 and served for two sessions. Upon leaving the chaplaincy of the House he was appointed Chaplain of the United States Senate on September 27, 1814 where he served until December 1815.

In June 1789, Lee, came to Norwalk to preach his first sermon in Connecticut. He had some reason to believe that the Hezekiah Rogers house on Cross Street would be available for the meeting, and word had been sent around among those interested to assemble there. A neighbor refused to let Lee use her orchard for concern that the gathering would trample down the grass.

Today, there is a stone marker at the location. L. M. W. H.



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