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Jesse George Murray Edit Profile

editor , playwright , writer

Jesse Murray was an American writer, editor and playwright. He worked as a writer and editor at Chicago Today.


Murray was born on December 28, 1909 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States; the son of Peter George and Emma McCook (Marshall) Murray.


Murray studied in public schools in St. Louis.


Murray began his career as an editor of New Generation magazine. In 1933, he became a cub reporter at the Herald and Examiner newspaper. There, he worked with many of the characters about whom he later wrote. In the late 1930s, Jesse wrote his first play "Townsend Goes to Town" for the Works Progress Administration-sponsored Federal Theatre.

Also he wrote more than a dozen others, three of which - "Son of the South", "Off the Record" and "Johnny on a Spot" played on Broadway. Murray went to Austria after World War II, serving first as editor of Weiner Kurier, an American-owned newspaper there and later as press attache at the American Embassy in Vienna.

In 1953, he returned to the United States and began writing the daily column "George Murray's Chicago" for the Chicago American. He stayed with the newspaper after its purchase by the Tribune and worked as a reporter, editor and rewrite man as the paper underwent several name changes, becoming Chicago Today in 1969.

After his retirement from Chicago Today in 1971, he became a resident of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


  • Murray was known for his books such as "Madhouse on Madison Street", "The Legacy of Al Capone" and the five-volume "The History of the Rehabilitation of Austria After Hitler."


On October 16, 1948 Jesse Murray married Virginia Mae Suechting. They union produced 2 children and seven grandchildren.

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