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John Delafield

banker , farmer

John Delafield, American banker, farmer. member of New York Philharmonic Society.


Delafield, John was born on January 22, 1786 in New York City. Son of John and Ann (Hallett) Delafield.


Graduate Columbia, 1802.


At least one child, John. Became owner several merchant ships, later became banker, London England. Held technical prisoner of war because of America citizenship during War of 1812.

Returned to the United States after bad investments cost him his fortune, 1820. Became president New York City bank. President New York Banking Company, 1838, lost fortune for a 2d time when Western investments failed.

Bought large farm in Seneca County, New York, made farm a model of advanced agricultural techniques. Member of New York Philharmonic Society. Raised funds for founding U. City of New York.

A founder New York History Society. 1st president New York State Agricultural Soc.


Member of New York Philharmonic Society.


Married Mary Roberts. Married second, Harriet Wadsworth Tallmadge.

John Delafield

Ann (Hallett) Delafield

Mary Roberts

Harriet Wadsworth Tallmadge