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member of parliament

John GUNNELL, British Member of Parliament. member, General and Municipal Boilermakers Union; member, Leeds Healthcare; member, Leeds Development Corporation, 1988-1992; Vice-Chairman, Yorkshire Enterprise; Chairman, Yorkshire and Humberside Development Associate, since 1981; Leeds/Bradford Airport joint committee, 1981-1983; member, Audit Commission, 1983-1990; Chairman, North of England Regional Consortium, 1984-1992.


GUNNELL, John was born on October 1, 1933. Parents: the late William Henry Gunnell and Norah Gunnell.


King Edwards School. Birmingham. University of Leeds, B.Sc (Hons).


Member. Labour Party, since 1957. Member. Fabian Society, since 1972. Cllr. West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council, 1977-1986.

Leader of Opposition, 1979-1981. Leader., 1981-1986; cllr., Leeds City Council, since 1986. Chairman, Social Services Committee, since 1990.

Member of Parliament, Leeds South and Morley, since 1992. Hospital porter, St. Bartholomew’s, London, 19551957. Teacher, Leeds Modern School, 1959-1962.

Head of science, United Nations International School, New York, 1962-1970. Lecturer. Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics, University of Leeds, 1970-1988. Adviser, Assemblé des Regions d’Europe, since 1986.


  • Selected experiments in advanced level chemistry, 1975.


Member, General and Municipal Boilermakers Union. Member, Leeds Healthcare. Member, Leeds Development Corporation, 1988-1992.

Vice-Chairman, Yorkshire Enterprise. Chairman, Yorkshire and Humberside Development Associate, since 1981. Leeds/Bradford Airport joint committee, 1981-1983.

Member, Audit Commission, 1983-1990. Chairman, North of England Regional Consortium, 1984-1992.


  • Other Interests

    Football, cricket, photography, opera. Industry, the economy, health and social services, regional government, Europe.


Spouse Jean Louise Gunnell (née Lacey), 1955. Children: three son, one d.