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John Clem Clarke Edit Profile


John Clem Clarke, American artist.


Clarke, John Clem was born on June 6, 1937 in Bend, Oregon, United States. Son of Eugene and Wilma Mary (Owen) Clarke.


Bachelor of Science, University Oregon, 1960. Student, Oregon State University. Student, University Mexico.

Student, Mexico City College.


  • Other Work

    • Exhibitions include Whitney Museum, New York City, 1967-1973, Realism Now, New York Cultural Center, Tokyo Biennale, Museum Modern Art, New York City, United States of America Bicentennial, United States Department Interior. Represented in permanent collections, Whitney Museum American Art, Metropolitan Museum, Museum Modern Art, Dallas Museum Fine Arts, Virginia Museum Fine Arts, William Rockhill Nelson Gallery Art, Kansas City, Missouri, Baltimore Museum Fine Arts, Hirshorn Museum, Washington, Utrecht Museum, The Netherlands, Brooklyn Museum, Milwaukee Arts Center, Indianapolis Museum Art, Fort Worth Art Center, Fogg Museum, Boston, Los Angeles County Museum Art, Akron (Ohio) Art Institute, University California, Berkeley, Flint (Michigan) Institute, School of Art, Syracuse (New York) University, University Georgia at Atlanta, Security Pacific National Bank, New York City, Security Pacific National Bank, World Headquarters, Los Angeles, Chase Manhattan Bank, New York City, Post Keyes Garner, Incorporated, Chicago, Wichita State University, Westmoreland County Museum, Greenburg, Pennsylvania, Kresge Company, Detroit, American Republic Insurance Company, Des Moines, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.


Married Jane Dee Purucker.

Eugene Clarke

Wilma Mary (Owen) Clarke

Jane Dee Purucker.