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John Osborne Sargent Edit Profile

Lawyer , journalist

John Osborne Sargent, American lawyer, journalist. member lower house Massachusetts Legislature (Whig), 1836, 37.


Sargent, John Osborne was born on September 20, 1811 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Epes and Hannah Dane (Coffin) Sargent.


Graduated from Harvard, 1830.


Admitted to Massachusetts bar, 1834. Contributor political articles to Boston Atlas, 1834-1837. Assisted in editing New England Magazine, 1835.

Member lower house Massachusetts Legislature (Whig), 1836, 37. Associate editor Courier and Enquirer, New York City, 1838-1841. Published A Lecture on the Lake Improvements in Steam Navigation, 1844.

Conducted a publication supporting Taylor’s candidacy, 1848. Joint editor the Republic (official organ of the administration), Washington, District of Columbia, 1849. Published in Europe a translation of The Last Knight (A.A. von Auersperg) from the German, 1871.

Published Chapters for the Times (in opposition to Republican James Blaine), 1884. Translations of Horace appeared in Horatian Echoes (his best work), 1893. Elected to board overseers Harvard.

1880; offered prize of $100 for best translation from Horace by a Harvard or Radcliffe student, from 1886-1887 on.


Member lower house Massachusetts Legislature (Whig), 1836, 37.


Married Georgiana Welles, January 17, 1854, 1 daughter.

Epes Sargent

Hannah Dane (Coffin) Sargent

Georgiana Welles