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John Townsend Williams


John Townsend Williams, American engineer.


Williams, John Townsend was born on May 16, 1852 in Glen Cove, New York, United States. Son of John Townsend and Ida Ann (Coles) Williams.


G.s. Richard S.W., long president Market National Bank. Engineer of Mines, Bachelor of Philosophy, Columbia School of Mines (Columbia University), 1873.


Engaged 15 years with manufacturing enterprises as engineer and expert, and part owner. Engineer and architect Central National Bank Building, Silk Exchange, and many other large buildings in New York, including one at Broadway and White St. and Lord’s Court Building, of which he was the owner. More recently interested as engineer and owner of extensive mining, metallurgical and chemical works, also development, reorganization and financing such properties.

President Virginia Consolidated Chemical Corporation, and John T. Williams & Son, Inc. Home: New York Yacht Club. Office: 100 Broadway, New New York.


Married Louise Ladew, of New York, March, 1874 (died September 1915).

John Townsend Williams

Ida Ann (Coles) Williams

Louise Ladew